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When is the best time to visit Halong Bay?

Halong bay is located in the North of Vietnam. Therefore, it has a humid tropical climate and 4 seasons in a year. Winter lasts from December to March; temperature can drop down to 12°C-17°C. Summer is from May until September; It is sunny in this season however frequently heavy rains make the humidity high. Spring and Autumn are nice and warm, from October to early December is the best time to visit this area. If you want to visit Halong Bay, you should be aware that the weather is rather unpredictable and can vary greatly even within a day. So, the best time for outdoor activities is from April to November. However, the other months are still good enough for swimming and kayaking. For example, squid fishing is more efficient on foggy and rainny days and if you book our optional private boat for this activity, you will know why.

How far is it from Hanoi to Halong Bay? If I stay outside Hanoi Old Quarter or I want to be picked up from Halong harbor, how does Gray Line Cruise contact me?

It’s about 170km from Hanoi to Halong Bay. It takes 4 hours to get to Halong Bay including 20 minutes at reststop for relaxing. For the elderly people and children, our bus can stop on your request. Gray Line Cruise can arrange a private car to pick up and see off from your place outside Hanoi Old Quarter with a surcharge of $ 15 per person. Otherwise, you must be at Gray Line office in Hanoi or at Hanoi Opera House at 8:15 morning. At Hanoi Opera House, there’s a Gray Line staff waiting for you with a Gray Line placard. Gray Line Cruise arranges pick-up service from 12:00 noon at Tuan Chau tourists wharf. There’s another Gray Line staff waiting for you at the entrance gate of the wharf with a Gray Line placard.

How can I book a room at Gray Line Cruise?

Simply, you can book by sending your requests to our email address contact@graylinehalong.com and we will recommend you within our best. Other way, you can check and book directly for an available room on our website www.graylinehalong.com. Please fill out all personal and payment information, as well as any special requests.

How can I pay for my reservation? I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay in cash?

All prices are in U.S. dollars. We accept payment by Visa, Master Card and JCB. Deposit can be made by credit card or cash prior to arrival. The rest can be fully paid on your arrival or before you check out Gray Line Cruise. We have a Credit Card machine on the cruise to support you. Please refer to Payment Policies for more details. If you want to pay in cash, please visit and pay to our sales team directly before 2 days at our Head office at 4th floor, 125 Hong Ha Street, Hanoi.

How can I change or cancel your reservation?

If you want to change your room after completing payment for your trip, we will try our best to make it possible. However, it depends on the room capacity on the day you want to change. We will deal depending on the circumstances. If you want to cancel your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible. We notice that in case of cancellation, penalty charges will apply. Please refer to Cancellation Policy for more details.

Do I have to bring passport for sleeping aboard?

Certainly! You have to bring it with you and please provide us your full names, gender, passport number, visa expire date before your departure to Halong Bay. For your passport and value items, you can keep them inside safety box in every room – only you can open the safety box. Then you will have more fun visiting caves, swimming, etc.

If my family has 4 adults and 1 child or even bigger, can you accommodate it?

Yes, we can. We have 2 kinds of cabin for family with private balcony and private terrace. The first cabin contains 4 adults and 1 child or other cabin is larger which contains 6 adults and 2 children.

If I have a few special requests, is it possible for Gray Line Cruise?

If you have any special requirements such as a room for a large group or children,  a disability or  vegetarian request;  food allergy or dieting ... please inform us before cruising. We will discuss with you to ensure that we can meet your requirements. In case you have a special diet or food, please inform us one week before your arrival.

Can I join Gray Line tour when I'm pregnant?

If you haven't entered the 35th week of your pregnancy, you are welcome on board. Please advise us how far your pregnancy is and confirm that you are in good health and not in a high- risk pregnancy. Also, please inform us about the status of your pregnancy so that we can take welcome you in good condition. We strongly recommend you to review your health insurance coverage before cruising.

What will happen if I get sick?

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please inform us. There is also a doctor on call and The Paloma carries standard first aid equipment. Please ensure that you have adequate medical and travel insurance.

What if do I have special dietary requirements?

Please notify us of any special dietary requirements or food allergies at least 1 week before your departure date. Non meat eaters are well catered for.

Does Gray line halong Cruise have instructions for tourists on Cruise?

Certaintly! During your journey, you will meet all our employees on cruise, they have responsibility and willing to help anytime to ensure that you have a great trip. Please ask our staffs whenever you need.

How safe is your boat? Is it safe to stay overnight among the bay?

Ablsolutly safe! Our junk is considered as the safest junk in Halong Bay. The entire ship has many exits  which can easily access, in a room with glass hammers, fire extinguishers, automatic alarm facilities of smoke and fire. Cruises breifing of the safety standards from Halong Management Boat always carry out daily. In addition, before you check in Gray Line Cruise, our cruise manager will guide you of the safety instruction  and give  advices in emergency cases. You can read the safety instruction in your room. You can also easily find lifebuoys and fire-extinguishers on the cruise. Fire alarm and sea-water increasing alarm are always in good condition. Take it easy and enjoy!

Did Grayline install loudspeaker systems or modern alarm?

Yes, we did. There are loudspeaker systems and automatic modern alarm in all cabins. In case some troubles happened, we can notify to everybody around 5 sec.

Is smoking allowed?

For safety reasons and the comfort of other guests, smoking is only permitted at outdoors. Smoking is prohibited inside cabin, dinning room and restaurant.

Who should I contact if i have additional questions?

If you have any additional question, please contact us at +84437173366 or mail to contact@graylinehalong.com



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